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A white heel/toe and semi-translucent midsole and outsole complete this interesting pair of blue suede shoes. Keep it locked here for more release information as it becomes available, and let us know what you think of all the tonal 18s —and the unique embroidery—as well.

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In 2016, Adidas formally added a clause to athlete contracts telling athletes they have to accept all gender identities and sexual orientations. Adidas creates specialty apparel featuring the rainbow flag

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A design (even without the original company's name or logo) that is likely to confuse the public about who made or sponsored the product may give rise to a claim for trade dress infringement.

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This particular woman had impeccable style before such a thing was even “cool.” Twitter is undoubtedly having a Field Day with the picture.

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The appeal of Live Photos is that when you’re flicking back through your photos of said drunken night at bar, it does a better job of rekindling those memories. It’s the difference between saving a snapshot and saving a moment.

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For many businesses that use online video, the best video camera for the job is the one already in their pocket. When smartphones have HD video cameras built in, why carry around anything else?

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